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Welcome to Zanzibar!

After a two hour ferry ride, Stonetown was a blessed sight.
The ferry port.

A ferry similar to what we traveled on.

Out of the 6 days that we were in Zanzibar, a few of those days were spent in Stonetown. Stonetown is full of unique places to visit. We enjoyed shopping in the tourist section of town, spending time at a coffee shop, exploring historic sights, etc.

The narrow "streets" are like a maze. If they are organized in a certain way, we weren't there long enough to figure it out. It was all one huge random maze to us. 

Zanzibar is 90% Muslim, so we had many encounters with them. There are Mosques everywhere and the wailing call prayer could be heard in most places where we were on the island. 

Having Kim join us on this part of the trip was such a treat.

Formerly a prison, now a structure loaded with mysterious character (and a few tourist shops).
Slave trade used to be a big thing in Zanzibar. There are still slave chambers and caves that can be visited on the island. 

This particular slave chamber was used to hold women and children until they were ready to be sold. The conditions were terrible and many died in this room. If I remember correctly this small space held 75 people. When the tide came in this room would fill with water. Sometimes the water level was so high there was only enough space between the water and the ceiling for their heads. The trench in the center was the "toilet".

The slave monument.

This cathedral was build over the former slave market. The alter now stands where the whipping post used to be. The slaves would be beaten to reveal what level of endurance they had and how much they were worth.

There are many spice farms on the island. One day we enjoyed touring one of these farms. Our guide, Mohammed, was a great guide to have. We tasted many spices and fruit and learned many things about the spices we buy at the supermarket and douse our food with.

Peppercorns (top left), vanilla bean (top right), soaps and perfumes made at the farm (bottom left), and grapefruit (bottom right)
Smelling lemon grass.
Making us the iconic spice farm souvenirs. 

Washing our hands before fruit tasting.
Serving breadfruit 

Don't we look smart with our hats and frog necklaces?
Foridhoni: Zanzibar's outdoor, evening food court. If you ever find yourself in Zanzibar this is something you must experience. Be sure to try the famous Zanzibar pizza.

Also the chicken wraps are incredible! I'm convinced this chef made the best.
One afternoon we took public transport to the northern-most point on the island, Nungwi. The sand was so white and the water so very blue. Paradise...
Sunday morning we packed a picnic brunch and carried it out to a nearby beach.

Lora enjoying some solo time.

Mangrove Lodge.
Some friends had told us about the amazing breakfast this resort serves their guests. Even though they do also have a restaurant there, we were not sure if they served breakfast to anyone who walks in. We decided to try. After a long walk and asking multiple times for directions, we found the place. Our poor waiter knew little English, but we were able to get across to him what we were wanting. At first he told us it wasn't possible for us to be served breakfast, but then the cook decided to make an exemption for us.

It was delicious! And to top things off they gave us resident prices instead of tourist prices. Our tickers were greatly blessed.
Later that afternoon, some of us returned to Mangrove lodge to check into some spa options. As we were leaving the workers discovered we were heading to a beach and insisted on showing us their beach. Here they have a private beach for their guests. Gorgeous! We had the place to ourselves most of the afternoon. Later we enjoyed a delicious supper up at their restaurant. The owner refused to let us walk home and insisted to drive us back for FREE! By the end of the night, my heart was so full from the many blessings that it hurt! It so happened that that was our last day in Zanzibar. What a beautiful way to end this portion of the trip!
p.s. If you look closely, you can see some palace ruins off in the distance.

Chicken curry and rice.
Lest I fail to mention, the owner also treated us all to free coconuts!

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